Tree Removal and Trimming Services in Springdale, AR

Never Stumped Tree Service provides full-service tree removal and trimming in Springdale, AR and surrounding areas. We offer solutions for residential and commercial property owners dealing with hazardous, damaged, diseased, overgrown, or nuisance trees. With our professional equipment and highly trained crew, we can handle any tree removal or trimming job quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Tree Removal Services

There are many reasons you may need a tree removed from your Springdale property. Dead, dying, rotten, and insect-infested trees pose safety risks if left in place. We offer complete tree removal services to eliminate these hazards, including:

  • Emergency Tree Removal - We promptly respond for storm damage, fallen trees, or other urgent removal needs 24/7.

  • Residential Tree Removal - We safely remove trees from yards, rooflines, driveways and other areas around homes.

  • Commercial Tree Removal - We remove trees from businesses with minimal disruption to operations.

  • Government/City Tree Removal - We contract with municipalities to remove trees from public parks, roadways, schools, and other areas.

  • Clearing/Thinning - We selectively clear or thin dense tree stands to reduce disease spread and fire risks.

  • Stump Grinding - We completely grind away stumps and roots after cutting down trees.

  • Debris Removal - We haul away all logs, branches, leaves, and debris until the area is spotless.

Our trained arborists carefully assess each tree and situation to determine the proper equipment and techniques for removal. Safety is our top priority. We use rope rigging, cranes, aerial lifts, chainsaws, grapple trucks, and other tools to methodically disassemble trees away from property and people. We leave your landscape clean and ready for new planting.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Regular trimming and pruning is crucial for the health of your trees. It helps prevent disease, maintains structural integrity, prevents limb failures, and improves aesthetics. Our tree trimming services include:

  • Crown Reduction - We selectively cut overextending branches to contain the canopy.

  • Crown Thinning - We strategically remove inner branches to increase airflow and sunlight.

  • Limb Lifting - We remove low branches for clearance from buildings, vehicles, and lines of sight.

  • Hazard Reduction - We remove cracked, damaged, and hazardous branches.

  • Deadwooding - We remove all dead and diseased wood from the tree.

  • CABLING/BRACING - We install cables and braces to provide extra support to weak limbs.

Proper pruning encourages new growth, reduces safety risks, and gives trees an attractive, uniform shape. We use pole saws, pruners, and chainsaws to expertly trim your trees. We clean up thoroughly afterwards, leaving a neat landscape.

Why Never Stumped Tree Service?

  • Fully Licensed & Insured - For your legal protection.

  • ISA Certified Arborists - Our pros adhere to strict industry standards.

  • Modern Equipment - Trucks, aerial lifts, cranes, stump grinders, and more.

  • Safety Focused - Your property and our crew’s safety drives every job.

  • Affordable, Honest Pricing - Free estimates, no hidden fees.

  • Full Service - Tree cutting, trimming, stump removal, and debris hauling.

For professional tree removal or trimming in Springdale, AR, call Never Stumped Tree Service at 479-387-0455 today. Our experts will take care of your hazardous trees and keep your landscape looking great.

We are committed to giving our residential, business, and industrial customers the finest possible experience. Never Stumped Tree Service is the company you call when you have a tree problem.
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